Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are all exhausted!

Transition has been difficult.  Andrei has been very frustrated, and he has had a lot of fits.  His world is upside down, and he must be so scared and frustrated.  Randell and I are stressed and emotionally drained.  Intellectually we know that what we are seeing is "normal" for a child whose world has just been ripped from under him, but emotionally it is not easy to deal with all day and night.  On a positive note, we were all able to sleep last night!  I am calling a counselor tomorrow to get some help for Randell and me.  We need some tools to help us deal with these behaviors and bond with Andrei.  Michelle, thank you for your advise and support tonight!!!

We took Andrei to his check-up today.  He needed two vaccinations and had blood taken.  We should get results in the next few days.  We were very thankful that the nurse spoke Russian.  I could see how comforting it was for him to be able to communicate with her.  The doctor completed a referral for Scottish Rite Hospital.  We hope to be accepted into their program and find out more information on the extent of Andrei's arthrogryposis and what will be the next steps towards improving the mobility of some of the afflicted joints.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated during this time.


  1. I'm so sorry the transition is so hard. :(
    If you need ANYTHING, even a little respite, please email me. We aren't far away. :)
    HUGS! Just FYI, after Erika was referred, it was about 3 months to her first appointment. You will LOVE Scottish Rite. :)

  2. Just wanted to pop out of "lurking" to tell you that I found your profile on Reece's Rainbow and started reading your blog. Then I realized that yo were local, and when you mentioned "Pastor Chad" recently it clicked that my boys go to preschool at your church! I guess it really is a small world.

    I don't know that there is anything we can do to help, but we know several couples in the area who have adopted or are adopting internationally - and we have a great adoption support group at FBC McKinney if you think that would help during this time of transition.

    So proud and excited for you. Bringing a new kiddoe home is difficult no matter how or when it happens. Hang in there!

  3. May God continue to grant you strength during your transition. You have done a wonderful thing giving Andrei a new start. May you continue to revel in the rebirth of your son and celebrate this gift that all of you have received. It may not seem like a gift now, but that will change.

  4. Praying for you and Andrei -- so glad you are home safe!

    Pam K

  5. Prayers for all of you. The hardest part of the journey is done, but now the
    next phase, everyone adjusting, will be equally challenging. Make use of Russian translators to help you explain to Andrei what is going on and what your expectations are re his behavior, etc. He will find his equilibrium soon enough, but everything is so overwhleming, for all of you, right now. Hang in there, It DOES get better!

  6. Still here, still praying! I'm glad you and Randell are seeking help, and I hope Andrei settles in soon!


  7. I just read your timeline - it looks so similar to ours! Our SDA appt was for Dec 9th and we got court on Dec 31st.

  8. Hey Guys....HANG IN THERE. Please join uor After the Rainbow Yahoo group for more support. These behaviors are far more likely to occur in children who are cognitively typical...they are much more aware of the change in their life, the loss of their caregivers, their language, everything familiar.