Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of Pictures of Gotcha Day

Sorry it took so long to post these.  I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since we were able to take Andrei out of the orphanage.  

The the other family in the picture is the Texan family we spent most of our time with.  The Henks also had their Gotcha Day for Roman.  Their family was truly a blessing to us.

Andrei and Roman look so cute!  The following day two more orphans would take their spots in the groupa.  I wonder who the new #11 toddler is.  There is such a great need for families who are able to care for all these little ones.

Down the newly remodeled hallway...

Down the stairs...

Out the door...

Into the taxi...

and... out the gates!

First Bath
He loved the shower head. 

First Meal...Ham and Scrambled Eggs

That is a mouth full!  : )

Andrei loved looking out the window at the cars going by.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! I love the one of you all with Roman and his family! Those two boys meant alot to us when we were there and I couldn't be more happy that they found homes and families. Seeing the orphange again in the pictures and the apartment we stayed in is somewhat surreal! We would love to keep in touch, write letters, emails, etc over the years to stay up to date and keep our kids up to date with each other throughout time! Andrei knew Gabby really well in his group..he knew her as "Zina." Also, could you please ask Roman's family to email me at THANK YOU & GOD BLESS!!

  2. How cute! Is he settling in any better yet?