Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 18 - (day 6 of 10 day wait) - Fun Outside!

It was COLD today!

Therefore, it was the perfect day to take all the kids out for a walk.

So...we bundled up, and out we went! 
Since they have so many cute kids in the orphanage, we decided to take one more home.  Just kidding!  That is Roman in the tan suit.  He is being adopted by the other Texan family.  He is a cutie!

Now for pictures of our cutie!

Look at those dimples!

They were still remodeling, so we had to go through an obstacle course to get back to the groupa room. 

They had just painted the floor in front of the door.

When you open the door to the groupa room, you first come to a small kitchen.  The big kitchen where the meals are cooked is downstairs.  Then to the right is a small room with lockers.  Andrei is #11 for all of "his" things. 

There is a #11 on "his" locker, a #11 on the cubby where "his" potty bowl is kept, and a #11 for "his" crib.  He will not be #11 for long!  We can't wait for him to have his very own things in a home where he does not need a number. 

To the left of the little kitchen is a playroom and an eating area.  They usually have soup, a plate of meat, sweet potatoes, and "rice", and a cup of warm fruit cider.  I think the meat (fish) and the rice were all mixed together today.  Now we know why Andrei puts the food in is mouth all at once.  They are on a schedule and it is nap time after lunch.  Next to the playroom/eating area, there is a smaller room for therapy, a bathroom, and a bedroom full of cribs side by side.  We got to put him down for his nap today.

It's so hard to leave him there everyday knowing that he is our son.  We know he is being well cared for, but he is not with us.  We can't wait to get him home!


  1. What a blessing you are able to experience a "typical day" with Andrei! He is an incredibly beautiful child. I love your updates!

    Kindest Regards


  2. Oh my gosh. I am so happy to see that Roman is being adopted! When we first came to Ukraine, it was to adopt Gabby, then Zina, and Roman! We played with him for the first week or so we were there but soon come to realize that Gabby's special needs along with Roman's special needs would have been too much to bare for us not having any kids to try to conform to so quickly. We were told other families were interested in him and he would have a family no matter what. I would love to give the family adopting Roman the pictures we took of him while we were there. Please, if you have their email address could you give it to me. Thank you!