Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on Clubfeet Surgery

After the first cast change on Wednesday, Andrei was in a lot of pain. They moved his feet to the full extended position and opened all the stitches behind his ankle. This was going to be done over a four week span, but the dr. was concerned that the feet were beginning to stiffen with the tightening of the skin. The wounds are now completely opened and depending on the healing process, he may need a skin graph.
The meds this week were not helping with the pain and they were making him "crazy". We took him back to the hospital on Friday and they removed a portion of the cast. One of his knees is not use to been so straight, and the pressure of the cast on it was causing a lot of pain. Since then we have seen a lot of improvement. He is still not sleeping all night, but now he is sleeping 3 hours at a time instead of waking up screaming every hour. We have also been able to remove the heavy duty narcotics that were causing stomach pains and making him "crazy".
All of the pain he has experienced has brought back some of the orphanage survival behaviors. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but hopefully we have reached a turning point. Monday he goes back for the second cast changed. I pray this time it will not be as painful. Thank You for your continued prayers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surgery went well!

His feet were tagged and ready for surgery. They look like "praying feet." So cute. It is hard to believe that they will be flat soon.

This picture was taken right before he went into surgery. He kept telling everyone his feet were going to be "straight". He was very excited about having his feet "straight", but did not understand what that actually meant. I don't think most 4 year old boys would. Staying still, having his feet elevated, and being in pain is not what he had in mind when we talked about "fixing his feet." As soon as he was out of surgery, he wants the casts off so he could walk. Poor little thing!
Scottish Rite is an amazing hospital! The surgery went well. The doctor was able to place Andrei's feet flat while maintaining good circulation. He will be in long leg casts for about 6 weeks and then half length for 6-8 more weeks. Then, he will have braces.

The pain is now starting to kick in and the next 3 months will be a difficult adjustment. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.