Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 22 – Last day of our 10 day wait!

We had an interesting visit today. Andrei was grumpy and tired. I think he was off his schedule since there is a different crew of caregivers on the weekends.  I left the camera at home this morning.  Sorry no pictures of Andrei.  : (

Now that the 10 days are up, we begin the process of getting a new birth certificate, a passport, and visa to the US. The last 10 days have not been easy, but they have allowed us time to bond with Andrei. We are so thankful that we had another Texan family here to spend our afternoons with. It truly made the time go by a little faster, and together we were “brave” enough to explore the city. God knew we needed that fellowship time. Here are some pictures from our outing to the river this afternoon.

The end is in sight!!!

This is one of our favorite places to eat. It’s good pizza, it’s cheap, and we can order in “Russian” since we order cheese pizza and 2 cokes every time. : )

I could not help taking this picture. Randell walked away as if he did not know me. : )  Check out the make-up!  Mary Kay is everywhere!

Our plan for next week.
• Tomorrow the facilitator will pick-up our finalized court decree, and we will take Andrei to get his passport picture. I hope they let us take him out for lunch also.
• Tuesday we will go to his birth region to get a new birth certificate with our names as his parents. Tuesday afternoon we will apply for the passport and hopefully get it either later that day or on Wednesday.
• Wednesday should be Gotcha Day!
• Wednesday night we will take the train back to Kiev and arrive Thursday at 10 am.
• Thursday 11:00 am we have our embassy appointment to apply for Andrei’s visa.
• Friday morning we will go to his medical exam, pick-up the result by 2:00, and go back to the embassy for the visa.
• Saturday we hope to enjoy our time around Kiev with Andrei.
• Sunday we will be at the airport at 3:00 AM. So early!!! Our plane leaves at 6:45 AM to Amsterdam. We arrive at 8:45 AM and have a short layover until 10:00 AM. We then will go straight to Dallas. We will arrive in Dallas at 1:45 PM. YAHOO!!

It’s a tight schedule, but we know that with God’s help it can be done. Please pray that everything works out smoothly so we can be home on Sunday.


  1. It doesn't seem real that it is finally here! We are praying that each and every step goes smoothly and that God shows Himself MIGHTY! He has been faithful through your whole journey! God is good! Wish we could be there to greet you at the airport! I guess we'll just have to meet our nephew and cousin via webcam! We love you all!

  2. Hi Guys! You've almost made it!! We will be praying for everything to go smoothly and quickly. I love the video of Andrei grabbing your head; it took Julia a long time to initiate that kind of hugging. I'm so happy for all of you! It seems that everything has gone very smoothly except for the cold and some inconveniences. I look forward to hearing/seeing more the next few days as you wind up your journey there. Until tomorrow....... Blessings, Michelle G.

  3. Horray for you! The World's Fastest International Adoption! LOL :)