Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Fun

At the beach in California

There he goes!!! Flying across the lake!

He loved riding Big Mable! Fearless!!!!

Pool! Beach! Lake! There was no stopping Andrei this summer!So many firsts! So much fun! One determined little boy!

4th Birthday Pictures


Sorry it has been so long since the last update.

Family Update
  • We had a good summer with lots of traveling. We went to California for 2 weeks and had a great time with my family. This is a picture of my grandma with Madison and Andrei. She will be 100 years old in November.
  • We also went to Disney, and Andrei was great during the 14 hours we were there. He loved every minute of it. We were exhausted, but we could not leave Cali without a picture with Mickey!
  • We are all back to school now. This is my second year as principal at my school, and it feels so much better to have a year under my belt. It was a great beginning! I have an amazing group of teachers and coworkers!
  • Madison is now in 5th grade and loving her classes. She is maturing everyday and "getting along"with Andrei. They act like siblings that have been together forever, and they know how to push each others' buttons.
  • Andrei started in PPCD at our district and doing well. He has speech, PT, and OT services.
  • Randell is continuing his landscape design business from home. The summer heat in TX has made it a little slow, but we hope it will pick-up again in the fall.
Andrei Update
  • Feet surgery is scheduled for October 10th. He will be in the hospital for 4 days. The first four days are very painful, and for two of those days he will have an epidural. Then, he will have casts for 12-14 weeks. At least 6 of those weeks will be full length casts. Please pray for the surgeon and for Andrei's recovery.
  • Depending on how he does after his feet are flat, we will look at hip surgery.
  • His English is getting better every day. He is speaking in sentences, but because of his articulation he can be difficult to understand if you are not use to it.
  • He is more affectionate and loves to be hugged and kissed. He spent this past weekend at Randell's parents house, and he kept telling me "I miss you mama" when I picked him up. So sweet!
  • He can be very sweet, but also very difficult.
  • We are still dealing with lots of "survival"behaviors and fits. Fits are not as aggressive as they use to be, but they are still exhausting. Please keep praying for us to better understand him and for patience.