Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 14 – Getting Around

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Everything is quiet on the streets today. There are only a few people walking around, but restaurants and the market is open.

Below are a few pictures from today's visit of how Andrei gets around.
He has calices on his knuckles from “crawling”. He is very determined, and he has found his own way to get around!

He is able to stand while holding on to something with one hand. It breaks my heart when I see his little foot turned in completely. On one foot, he is standing on his ankle.

We were playing with bubbles today, and he tried over and over again until he made a bubble. He has incredible determination and patience when he wants to accomplish something.

Side Note:
You might be wondering if these pictures are from yesterday since we are wearing the same clothes. Let me remind you of the frozen jeans. : ) We only wash when it is absolutely necessary. Just like the orphans in this baby house, we wear the same clothes over and over again.


  1. Happy New Year to you guys! It looks like everything is going pretty well with the exception of the laundry situation! Unless the clothes are totally smelly, I'd wear them over and over again too!:)It's amazing how the kids figure out how to do things for themselves and think nothing of it! I can't wait to see Andrei tackle walking through surgery/therapy! He will do it because he has the will and God's strength with him plus two wonderful parents and a loving sister! I look forward to your next post! Blessings, Michelle G.

  2. Happy New Year! don't worry about the clothes, I wouldn't wash it either with that wether! I can't wait to see what therapy/surgery (and of course a loving family) can do for little Andrei!