Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 17 – (day 5 of waiting period) – Went Outside with Andrei

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

There was a little bit of snow on the ground this morning. It was COLD, but so pretty!

When we arrived at the orphanage, they were remodeling once again. The linoleum floors in the hallways had been removed. We went down to the first floor where we usually play with Andrei, and it was very dusty and smelled like gasoline. We played with playdough for a little while, and for the first time using playdough, there was no meltdown. Yahoo! Progress!

We had just started snack time, and when a caregiver came to invited us to go outside. We have been waiting to have this opportunity, but we did not think it would happen on such a cold day. : ) Andrei was stuffed into a snowsuit and outside we went! His little eyes were looking everywhere! He wanted to touch the snow so badly! He had a huge snowsuit, but his gloves were not waterproof. After a little bit of walking around, we found a step that was at Andrei’s stroller height. We could not resist letting him play with the snow for a little bit. His hands were cold, but he was having fun. The other caregivers, who were walking other little ones, probably thought we were crazy.

After our visit we walked around town again. We actually had to wear our thermal underwear for the first time. : ) The cold does not stop life here. The streets were busy. Kids were playing in the playgrounds, and there were people outside enjoying the carnival that was in town. The pictures below are of the theater and the carnival in front of it.

There must have been a Children’s play at the theater. We went in and found a lot of children dressed in customs, tables with venders selling toys and masks, and parents taking pictures of their kids next to the Christmas Tree and other winter decorations.

The carnival had a carousel, spinning swings, a small roller coaster, an area to ride tricycles and small cars, and some games. They also had some ponies, and of course it would not be a carnival without a camel. We have now seen on the streets …bears, lions, and camels…Oh my!

The area next to the theater was a very nice side of town. Buildings were either renovated or new. It also had a beautiful park. Besides the usual monument honoring someone, it had a heart sculpture and a bench covered with locks that were engraved with names and dates. We gathered that they were locks placed there by couples who were either engaged or married at the park. Very romantic! Randell and I had to take a picture on the bench. I wish we had a lock with us. : )

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