Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 27 – Back to Kiev – Embassy and Medical Exam

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Niko, our driver, was waiting for us at the station. He helped us to get the luggage off the train and down two flights of stairs. I had Andrei in a stroller, and a very nice guy helped me get the stroller down the stairs.

We went directly to the embassy and turned in our paper work. From there we went to the clinic for his medical examination. The doctor was really touched by Andrei and his determination. She recommended for us to also check his heart (there was a murmur) and the area above his belly (there might be a hernia forming). She also said he has a high pallet which is probably the reason for his mispronunciation of words, but that it could be resolved with speech therapy. She was not very optimistic about the correction of his feet or knees. In Ukraine there would be little hope of correction, but in the US there is hope. She “teared-up” when she saw the calices on his knuckles and gave him an apple out of her purse. When I left she told me that she sees many adopted kids, but she could see in Andrei something very special. While our paperwork was being done, we ate in the clinic café. Our paperwork was ready in 20 minutes. Usually you have to come back after 2:00 to pick-up the results. God is good!

We then went to our apartment. It is not the nicest apartment, but we are only here a couple of days. The entrance has missing wood boards that are covered by 2 area rugs, it is not very clean, and the internet is very slow. On the positive side, there is a working elevator, it is in a great location, and the bedroom is separate from the living room which helps during nap time. Andrei took a good nap when we got to the apartment, and I went shopping for groceries. For dinner, we had a sandwich. Andrei looked at it like it was from outer space.: ) We had to bribe him with dessert to get him to eat some of it. He had a nice bath and went to bed without a problem. He does talk in his sleep.

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