Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 19 – (day7 of waiting period) – Fun Inside!

We had no internet yesterday so this is the post for Thursday, January 06, 2011

It was a little warmer today, so we did not get to go outside. : ) Instead, we had a good time playing in the “therapy” room.

Both my oldest and my youngest child played in the ball pit today.

Andrei has incredible upper body strength. We could not get the picture fast enough, but he could pull up his legs all the way up to the rings. He looked like a little Russian gymnast.

He is getting use to being tickled and Randell’s “playful roughhousing”. I love it when he starts giggling! He was upset when dad did not tickle him before nap time like he did yesterday. He is definitely a creature of habit. Those poor caregivers! They probably think we are crazy.

I think we are throwing him off his routine and distracting him when it is time to eat. He was eating very slowly today, and they bribed him to finish eating by offering chocolate when he finished. He is spoiled already. : )

This is picture after he took a bite of his pickle.

Then he tried to give it to me. Yesterday he ate several pickles, but today he was not as interested.

It is Orthodox Christmas tomorrow. The groupa playroom is decoraded with a Christmas tree.

Today we had lunch at our favorite place, John Howard.  They have English menus, and their waitress speaks English. 

I was having pancakes, which are actually crepes, and decided to ask for toast. The waitress asked if I wanted cheese with it. I said yes thinking it was some kind of cream cheese. I ended up getting a pressed grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious! It tasted like home. Tomorrow we are coming back for more, and we are bringing our Texan friends. : )

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