Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 25 – Passport and Gotcha Day

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today we went to the bank to withdraw Andrei’s government money from the bank and make our donation to the orphanage. It took about 30 minutes to complete paperwork, close his account, and withdraw the money. They gave us the money in small bills and it looked like a large brick. It was somewhat comical to place the large block of cash (donation) on the director’s desk.

After the bank we went to get our passports. They were not ready!!!! The “boss” had not signed them yet. We waited almost 3 hours for them. While waiting, we had to use the "bathroom" in the nearest restaurant.  A picture is worth 1000 words.

Once we had the passport, we went to the market to buy diapers, fruits, and chocolates for the kids. At 2:00 PM we were able to get Andrei from the orphanage. The caregivers woke him up from his nap, and I was  able to dress him.

Loved the socks!

Look how cute he looks!!!

We said goodbye to everyone, and we were out of there...down the hall...down the stairs...out the door...through the court yard...into the taxi...and...out the gates!  I wanted to post more pictures, but we are having internet issues.

Since we had not eaten all day, we went to John Howard for a last meal in Kherson with the other Texan family, our taxi driver, and our facilitator. The kids did really well! Then we went back to our apartment to finish packing and get ready for the train ride at 9:00 PM.

In the apartment, Andrei had to touch everything! He is a typical inquisitive toddler plus he has not seen or touched most of the stuff around him. Randell and I were exhausted by the time we left for the train station. We are too OLD to have a 3 year old. Our backs were hurting from picking him up and my knee was giving out. At this rate, Andrei will need to push my wheelchair to his kindergarten “Meet the Teacher Night”. : )

We gave him his first bath, and he loved it! After his bath, he was so happy. He kept hugging on me. So sweet!

Our driver picked us up at 9:00 for the train station. He and Randell had to bring down 3 large suit cases, 1 carry-on, and a stroller down 3 flights of stairs. Our facilitator was able to get us 2nd class tickets for the train. It is cheaper to buy all four beds in the 2nd class compartment, then to buy two first class tickets. The compartments are the same in size except that it sleeps 4 people, and you have to share it with strangers if you don’t buy all four beds. I was dreading the heat in that box. It was like a sauna last time, but this time it was not that hot. It was actually fairly comfortable.

Andrei slept parts of the trip, but he would wake at the train stops and would need to go to the bathroom. The bathrooms are usually locked when stopped at the stations, but they were very nice to open it for Andrei. He went about 7 times, and some of the times he did not actually have to go. In the orphanage, I had noticed that he uses needing to go to the bathroom as his escape from having to do something he does not want to do. I think he was very nervous and did not know how to react to this situation.

There is a lot I can say about the bathroom experience, but I think one short sentence will some it up. I had to tuck the bottom of my pants into my boots in order to go into the bathroom. The rest I would rather forget. : )

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