Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pictures of Andrei

After court we went to visit Andrei.  We thought we would call him Asher, but right now Andrei seems to fit him best.  He might like Asher later. We had a great visit.  

Andrei and mama reading a book and having a snack.

 We learned our lesson from the first visit, stickers go on paper or clothes from now on.

 Yum!! Chocolate time!

Andrei and Randell had some good father-son bonding.  He was not sure about going up in the air at first, but it did not take long before his arms were up, and he was asking for more.  Boys will always be boys in every country.  : )

Look at my cute little stinker.  : )


  1. Hi Guys! Congratulations! I'm so happy the court date went so well. We pray every night for you guys and Andrei. Julia's prayers are being answered for her foster brother in China! We found out that a family here in the Dallas area has started the paperwork to bring him home. God is so amazing and works miracles all the time. Give Andrei a squeeze and hug from our family and I look forward to the next phase of your journey. Blessings, Michelle G.

  2. Wow!!!! Where do I start??? We just adopted a beautiful baby girl with ds from the very same orphanage as Andrei!!! When we were there we absolutely fell in love with him! He was in the same
    Group has our daughter Gabby!!! We just got back nearly 8 weeks ago!!!! Everyday that we went to get gabby out of the group room her would come to the door and blow a kiss. We loved giving him cookies and bananas!!! He adored the bananas! He absolutely captured our hearts! As a matter of a fact when we left we were very sad because we kept thinking we should have brought him home too!!!! Now I know why why didn't, he had a family coming! What a blessing you all have!

    Something even more weird now...You all are in the very same apartment we stayed in!!!! We loved the apartment....except sometimes the neighbors played music loudly. We found the red grocery store around the corner to be very helpful when we didn't feel like going to Oskar!

    We also bought some line and clothes hangers from the grocery store and hung it across the inside of the apartment and dryed our clothes this way. We hand washed them in the tub.

    Another pointer, as far as internet is apparently the modem is In another apartment and sometimes they unplug it or turn it off and you have to call max to tell him to fix it.

    It would be sooo unbelievable if we could stay in touch because our little ones spent a lot of time together!!!