Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pictures of Apartment

The elevator was not working today, so we had to climb stairs.  We are on the 5th floor.  : ) 

The 2 front doors and the entrance w/ 2 "closets".  The outside door has a deadbolt.  We feel pretty safe here.  Everyone is walking around, and we were told that there is very little crime here.

 This is our kitchen and dining area.  The kitchen is small, but it has everything we need. 

This is our bathroom.  I had an interesting shower experience this morning.  All I can say is that the water went everywhere, and I was slipping all over the place.  

This is our bedroom.  There is only one plug in this entire room.  If you are planning to adopt in this area, don't forget an extension cord and several adapters.

The balcony/patio area is used for drying clothes.  We are drying sheets.  We have a washing machine but no dryer.

This is the view from our balcony and the side of our building.


  1. Thanks for the updates! Oh, the pics make me miss it!

    It looks like you are living "high-on-the-hog" by average Ukrainian standards! Was praying for hot(ish) water and an apt that wasn't on the 12th floor. Elevators, if they have them, very rarely work from my experience! So funny how God finds little ways to encourage us...like a Cuban driver! That's awesome!!

    Continuing to pray for the many aspects that surround your adventure!! Big hugs and blessings!

  2. We had that apartment 2 weeks ago! Scary elevator, we got in it one day and the doors closed but it wouldn't move. After that, we didn't use elevators for the rest of our stay. Can't wait to see pics of your boy!