Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 6 – Time with Grady & Pictures

Friday, December 24, 2010

We saw "Grady" today. He is amazing!  I wanted to add more pictures, but our internet if very slow here, and they will not load.  We'll try to find a place with Wi-Fi tomorrow.

He is absolutely beautiful! His caregivers said that he slept with the bear we gave him. He has not separated himself from it. Tomorrow we are taking a blanket and some clothes to him besides the usual toys to play with.  We are trying to alternate the toys we have so that he does not become too bored with them.  He loves music and gravitates to anything in the room that makes noice.  : )

We took him some stickers today, and he placed them all over his arms. So cute! Unfortunately they stuck really well, and when we took them off it hurt and left little red marks. Poor baby! He did let me take them off, and I kissed his little arm.

He is a typical 3 year old, always on the move. He is very independent and can get from one place to the other easily. He is also able to sit in a little chair by himself, pull his pants on and off, and take his shoes off and put them back on. He has a thing for shoes, just like mama. : ) I was measuring his arms and legs to determine his size, and he gave me his shoe to make sure I measured it.

I love this picture!  He is the happiest little thing! I am amazed at his determination and how advanced he is. I am so thankful for his caregivers and therapist. They truly have done an amazing job with him. Today we took some playdough.  He had no difficulties molding, pushing, pulling, cutting with tools, and picking up the smallest little pieces. When he finished, he placed even the smallest piece of playdough back and cleaned the table with a sponge. He also can make patterns, follow dirrections, and match colors and shapes. As we read books, he was able to repeat key words.  He is so eager to learn.  The speech therapist is so patient with him, and has done an amazing job challenging him and helping him become independent. She has a son with CP and is wonderful with the kids.

It looks like we are adding one more to a long family line of strong willed and determined Coffmans and Leons. "Grady" likes to do everything himself. He reminds me a lot of our daughter…strong willed, determined to learn, and eager to please when boundaries are presented. I miss her!!!! She and “Grady” will make a fun pair.

Our facilitator is working hard to get all of our paperwork in to the court system.  She spoke with the judge today.  If we receive the interpol paperwork back in time, we should be able to have court by Dec. 30th!  Please pray for a speedy interpol process.


  1. Oh, what a blessing! He looks so happy! Nice to see prayers and wishes coming true. :)


  2. OMG! he is adorable!! I love his smile!!! I had a notebook for gerri and she LOVED to write in it! I used to write things down and she would copy it, same with pictures. praying you hear soon and are able to have court before the end of the year.