Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 11 – Playing with Other Kids

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today we shared the room with another family who is adopting. They are also from Texas, and they have brought their 5 year old son with them. We had a chance to see “Grady” interacting with him. Overall he did really well sharing and playing with him. "Grady" did try to swat at him once, so we corrected him, and he gave him a hug. The rest of the time they were fine. “Grady” and Madison will have a lot of fun playing together. Here they are playing with playdough.

"Grady" looked at him with admiration.  He was taking everything in.  

We bring him a snack each day.  Today, we brought a banana, and he shared it with the other little boy who is being adopted.  He looks like a little monkey when he eats a banana. He tends to shove it all in his mouth. : )

I love this pictures.  Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

If all goes well, and we receive the needed paperwork this afternoon, we will have court tomorrow at 11:00.  Please pray that the paperwork gets here on time, and that court goes well.

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