Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pictures of our apartment

The apartment has been remodeled. Everything is purple, and there is plexiglass on the celing. I think it looks pretty fancy! 
We do not have an elevator, but we are only on the 3rd floor. It is a pretty good apartment, but the internet is slow, and we do not have a washing machine. I have been washing all our clothes by hand. : (

This is our sitting shower tub.  We tried standing to take a shower and soaked the entire room, so now we use the seat on the tub.  It is so weir "taking a shower."

This is our fancy entry way.  We love having a place to hang out coats.

 This is the entry to our building.  According to our facilitator the graffity does not indicate a bad section of town. Randell looks like a "home boy" next to the graffity.  : )
 This is the back alley.  We have to take our trash all the way to the end of the alley where they have large trash cans.

This is the park behind our apartment.  We have seen some kids play there and people from the surrounding apartments hang their clothes on the lines connected to the trees.

This is our view from the balcony.  There is a huge park accross the street.  I am sure it is beautiful in the summer and spring when everything has bloomed.

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