Sunday, December 12, 2010

One More Week!

At this time next Sunday, we will be on our way to Easter Europe.  WOW!!!!  We are packed (mostly) and ready to go.  Everyone said to pack light!  We tried, but there is a lot.  Thanks to the comment from the post on "Packing ...Help?!," I used the "suction bags" and we were able to fit a lot more. : )  Now I need to weigh the suitcases.  : (  We are taking 2 medium size suitcases, 2 carry-on bags, and a backpack for all the electronics.  Our return flight will be much lighter since one of the suitcases is full of items for the orphanage.

We celebrated Christmas with our daughter today, and we will be celebrating with the rest of the family on Saturday.  Please pray for our daughter while we are away.  I know she is excited to have her brother home, but it is a long time to be away from mom and dad. 

Only $4,000 more to go before we are fully funded.  WOW!!!  We have one more week until we travel, and I know that God will continue to provide.  Thank you to all of you who have been so generous in your giving!!!  I have A LOT of thank you cards to write! 
If you would like to donate towards bringing "Grady" home, please click on his picture on the right side of the screen.  Your giving will save the life of an orphan and will also truly bless our family.  Thank you!

Funds Updates:
  • In the past couple of weeks we have gone from needing $9,000 to be fully funded to only needing $4,000.
  • There is now $2,300 in the Reece's Rainbow donation fund.  WOW!  Thank you to all of those who have donated.
  • I had a baby shower last Saturday.  It was so kind of my friend to organize it and invite some coworkers that I had not seen for a while.  Although we work in the same district, we don't always get to see each other.  It was amazing to hang out with some old friends, and we had a lot of fun.  Their gift was a donation towards our adoption.  What a blessing!  Thank you bilingual team!
  • My coworker and friend, who truly has the gifts of caring and giving, felt led to organized two fundraisers. One was selling candles and the other was a caring coins collection.  Between the two she and my coworkers have helped to raise $340 towards our adoption.  My coworkers/friends have been an amazing support system!  They have donated, prayed, and encouraged me every step of the way.  THANK YOU!
  • Our family continues to bless us with financial support.  We received yet another large donation from our family members.  Thank you!!! 

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  1. Hi excited family. We're in the same region i believe as Grady. feel free to email us on any advise or just to connect. There are no other families here right now. We should still be here when you arrive in region. We'd love to help and connect with another couple.
    Carolyn and David