Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 1 - We are on our way!

On Sunday, December 19, 2010, we left our house at 6:00 AM to adopt our son accross the world.  Ready or not, here we go.

Madison got teary eyed when we said goodbye, but grandma and aunt took her to get donuts after, and she was OK. Aunt Karen said she tried to Skype us as soon as they got back home. Please keep her in your prayers. I know she will be spoiled by grandparents and aunts, but it is a long time for us to be away.

We had some hiccups with Delta at DFW. Since we did not have return tickets or a visa to the country we were headed to, they would not forward our luggage to the next connection. I guess there must be an influx of US citizen wanting to leave the country and immigrate to a 3rd world country. : ) Our flight to New York was running late, but the time was made up in the air, and we actually arrived before the original scheduled time. According to Delta, since we were a risk of not returning to the US, at JFK we had to get our luggage from the baggage claim, and then go through the ticket counter to get our boarding passes for Aerosbit airline and check our bags. We had an “angel” sent to us who helped us get our bags from one terminal to the other and showed us the way. We would have been lost and Randell would have been in a lot of pain had he not helped us.

Once we got to Aerosbit it was not a problem. We checked our bags and went through security without a body scan or being “felt up”. : ) Randell’s back is doing well so far. He is being very careful and I am doing most… OK all… of the lifting and carrying. He said he was glad he married a sturdy woman. Finally the extra pounds have come in handy!!! Please pray for him. He is in pain and stressed out over his back…which only cases his back to get worse.

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