Monday, November 8, 2010

When Thank You is Not Enough

This is a post I have wanted to write since last week, but words were not enough to express how I was feeling. 

Last week one of my coworkers gave us a special donation.  It was a golden coin that is worth about $400.  The value of the donation was great, but it was the meaning of that coin that brought me to tears...and still does.  She shared that this coin was given to her when her son was going through cancer treatment.  Her son passed away when he was 2 years old, and she wanted us to have the coin so that we could bring our son home. Words can not express how thankful I am for her sacrifice!

Since then, I have thought a lot about this special gift.  I reflected on how our Heavenly Father gave up His Son so that we could become His adopted sons and daughters.  When a sacrifice is so great, how do we say thank you? ... We accept His call.  We do His will above ours.  We focus our lives on the things He cares about.  We give thanks regardless of our circumstances.  We love unconditionally.  We give to those in need.  We love the unlovable.  We share His gift of salvation so that others may be saved.  These are all things I know, but do not always do.   Please pray that as we prepare our travel plan and our home for Grady, we would not neglect our spiritual growth.  Lord, may my thankfulness for Your gift of salvation be reflected in the life I live.

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