Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please Pray!

Prayer Request:
The country from which Grady is from is about to have a very important change in law that could close adoptions there temporarily or permanently for Americans.  There will be a vote in the next few weeks to approve this law.  If it is approved it will also halt those adoptions that are in the process.  Please pray that this vote would not take place or that it would be turned down.  Please pray for the orphans who are in need of families and for the families who are fighting to get to their children.  Please share the word!  Pray for the 100,000+ orphans in this country who need families.  This change in law would be devastating for them.

Update on Progress:
We are waiting to hear from the SDA.  Our prayer is that we will hear from them in the next couple of weeks and be able to travel in December. We are currently "nesting" and preparation for Grady's room has begun.  Randell's aunt and mom donated bedroom furniture, and we are painting his room next week.  We bought some clothes for him, which was no easy task since we do not know his size. Madison wanted to pick all of the clothes.  She loves the big sister role!  When I have asked her what she wants for Christmas, there is only one thing that she will say...Grady home!  She is so excited!

Many thanks to those who have been donating to our Reece's Rainbow page.  It is up to $1000.  WOW!  We are still short on funding our adoption, but know that God will continue to provide what we need.  We are greatly blessed to have friends and family members who have been so generous in their giving.

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