Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Eagle has Landed!

Paperwork Update:
We received word that our dossier arrived in Grady's country yesterday, the facilitators have begun working on it. It actually arrived two days earlier than expected!  Many thanks for all of your prayers and for your faithfulness. 

Fundraising update:
Randell's parents donated to us a doll collection that belonged to his great aunt.  We had an appraiser come and check them out since we do not know anything about dolls. She spent about 2 hours going through them, although her fee was $50 per hour, she only charged us for one hour when she found out why we were having them appraised.  We were so grateful for her generosity and for her help.  We thought that if we were able to make $500 on ebay, we would be happy.  After a week of posting dolls on ebay, we have raised $1,000.  What a blessing! 

I am so thankful for the the generosity of my coworkers and family!!!!  They have been such a blessing in providing prayer support and also donating.  In the last couple of days envelopes with donations marked "For Grady" are appearing in my mail box.  One coworker committed to donate about $1,000 over the next few months.  Another coworker has started a fundraiser by selling candles.  We have also received a large donation from family members.
We still have awhile to go before reaching our goal, but we are getting closer, and I know that God will continue to provide.  Thank you to all of those who are helping us bring Grady home!

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