Monday, March 28, 2011


It has been a while since the last update. It is hard to find the time lately. In general, we are still adjusting.

Andrei is more loving and initiating hugs and kisses. He is eating everything we offer and sleeping well most nights. He has gained weight, his hair is fuller, and I think he is also taller. He still has dark circles under his eyes, so we are giving him vitamins, and we will try Claritin to see if it is alergy related.

He is still having fits, but they are not as long or as frequent as the first month. The worst part of the fits now is the self abusive behaviors (bites arms, pinches himself, and bangs body or head). It has been a couple of weeks since he tried to bite or hit us. Much improved! We can also usually talk him down and the fits do not escalate as much.

His English is really improving. He loves music and learning lots of songs. He can sing the ABCs really clear now. He is also able to count to 20 in English. He knows lots of words and will repeat everything. A diagnostician and speech therapist from the school district tested him last week. He did well on the developmental test, but he will qualify for special education under speech. They brought a Russian translator for the tests, and Andrei did not say one word in Russian. He understood what was being said and would point, but he would use the few words he knows in English to communicate. We knew he was limited in Russian, because we had only heard him speak in one word responses or 2 word “sentences”. He is being exposed to so much English that he has lost the little he knew. Part of his fits have to do with not being able to communicate...he does not really have a dominant language right now. We will have an ARD meeting after our Scottish Rite appointment on April 12th.

Madison (daughter) is doing an amazing job with Andrei. They are adjusting well to each other. The other day, while she was helping me to give him a bath, she said she was so happy to be part of our family. It has been a big adjustment for her to share mom and dad. Thursday will be her 10th birthday. I can’t believe she is so grown up. : ) She wants to go to the Movie Grill with Randell and I for her birthday. We need to spend more individual time with her. Andrei has taken over a lot of our time and attention, and as things are starting to settle down, we are learning to balance between two kiddoes.

We have been going to church for the past few weeks, and Andrei is doing well. He stays by himself in the 3 year old class and does well playing and following directions. He enjoys role playing with the baby and singing songs to put it to sleep.

Aunt Karen send Andrei some fun knitted hats of the Cookie Monster and Elmo. Andrei and Madison had a lot of fun with the hats. They look so cute! Thank you Aunt Karen!

Randell’s aunts, uncles, and cousins bought us a jogging stroller. We don’t jog, but we love this type of stroller! It is easy to get into, rolls well, and it is a very comfortable ride. Andrei likes his new stroller, but he loved the box! He played in it for hours.

Andre is a typical 3 year old boy in so many ways. He loves to play in boxes, can’t sit still, his favorite place to play is outside, the messier the better, and he wants to do things his way. : ) In other ways, he is not very typical. He wants to ride a bike, run, jump, and climb, but is limited by his legs, so we have learned to adjust.

We have found a little power motorcycle to take care of the bike issue. It as a button he can press with his finger to make it go, and he stretches his legs over the top of it since once leg does not bend. When we go to the park, he “walks” around on his hands and feet, so he wears batting gloves to protect his hands. He uses most of the playground equipment on his own.

He is a very determined little boy, and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for him.

He is such a cute "little stinker"!


  1. What a beautiful update! He looks so happy! So glad things are going well. It cracked me up when you said the Russian translator came in and he didn't speak a word in Russian. That is so typical. LOL

    We too have some adjusting. We have a new little girl who is from Russia. She is 11.
    We have been home for 2 weeks tomorrow. :)

  2. SO good to read an update on Andrei! So glad to "hear" how he is doing.


  3. Thank you for the wonderful update! I have been checking your blog frequently, knowing you must be very busy, and would update when you could. It is so good to read of his progress, and it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with him.
    May you continue to see old behaviors drop away, and healthy new growth replacing them!